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Cleopatra with the Asp*

Item Description

Superb Art Nouveau Goldscheider bust of Cleopatra, ancient Egypt’s last and probably most documented Pharaoh.

She is looking down over her right shoulder towards the infamous Asp which is slithering upwards ever closer to her neck and which, legend has it, will eventually kill her. On her head she wears an ornate headdress befitting her position and around her waist a large decorative belt just about holds her cloak across her voluptuous body.

Despite her situation, with the Asp coiled right around her and ready to strike, she has a peaceful and serene expression on her face.

A stunning and typically stylised Art Nouveau depiction of this historical moment, cast in terracotta and beautifully painted in greens and browns.

Sculpted and signed to one side by the in-house Goldscheider artist Cherc and with the the impressed numbers 1922/22/3 verso, together with Fr. Goldscheider mark.

Dating from 1899/1900, in very good condition and with a height of a touch over 54 cm.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 338.   Also Pinhas p. 95.

Ref: 12597

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