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‘Chien Policier’ by Chiparus*

Item Description

Fine gilded bronze sculpture of a recumbent German Shepherd dog by Chiparus.

Titled ‘Chien Policier’, this working dog is down on all fours but his head is raised, his ears are pricked and he has that look of keenness and confidence that German Shepherd owners know so well.

Modelled in realistic fashion with no unnecessary stylising and, in this particular case, all the stronger for it.

With a title plaque affixed to the front of the marble base which reads ‘Chien Policier par D. H. Chiparus, LaurĂ©at du Salon des Beaux Arts’.

In good condition with just a little loss to the gilded patina in places.

Dating circa 1930 and measuring 51 by 20 by approximately 28 cm high.

Ref: 12443

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