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Carrier-Belleuse Lady with Doves*

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A superb terracotta sculpture by the famous Albert Ernest Carrier-Belleuse with the title “La Paix” (Peace) dating from around 1880.

The subject is a nearly naked woman, partially draped by a long shawl, seated on a column and clutching to her chest two doves, one with outspread wings.  She is tenderly kissing one of the birds and is obviously greatly protective of them.  At her side and beneath her legs and feet a cornucopia curves round, spilling out of its mouth an abundance of flowers and foliage.

Top quality casting with great detail and painted in perfect subtle shades.

Carrier-Belleuse is better known for his bronze sculptures and it’s reasonable to assume that this was probably cast in bronze also, although we’ve not come across it thus far.

Incised signature verso and also with the foundry stamp.  A quite fabulous statue, approximately 63 cm in height.

Ref: 12428

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