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Silver and Enamel Cross Pendant

Item Description

Arts & Crafts silver pendant necklace in the form of a squared cross with an ornately shaped outline.

The points of the cross are enamelled in a deep shade of blue, with the central area in a paler, almost duck-egg hue.

In the very centre is a raised circular detail with green and brown enamelling, and the whole piece is further detailed with fine silver beading to the edges.

The pendant is suspended on a single link from a trefoil shaped surmount in similar style which is highlighted with vivid green enamel.

Gently contoured, counter enamelled on the back and very well made, with a length of a little under 7 cms. and a width of 4.75 cms.

The integral silver necklace chain, which has a toggle type fastener, measures 45 cms.

Ref: 16413

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