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Arts & Crafts Lamp with Vaseline Glass Shade*

Item Description

Truly delightful old Arts and Crafts copper and brass table lamp with an original vaseline glass shade.  

Primarily made of copper which has been crafted into a very pleasing shape, with the four matching side pieces fashioned to give the lamp an open look as they curve down from the top to the domed base. The brass detail adds a nice extra touch to the pleasing overall design.  

This lamp has a brass gimbel which, when fitted to the lamp holder, allows the shade to point downward.  When removed, the glass can be turned over, acheiving a completely different look with the shade directing the light upward.  This versatility offers a real choice with regard to character and atmosphere of the ambient light.

The overall height of the lamp, with or without the gimbel fitted, is approximately 43 cm.  The base has a diameter of 19.5 cm.  Recently professionally rewired to meet current safety standards. 

Ref: 12591

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