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Arts & Crafts Enamelled Portrait Pendant

Item Description

Unusual Arts & Crafts semi-circular silver pendant featuring an enamelled head and shoulders profile portrait of a young man.

Almost filling the frame, he's seen against a bright blue sky-like background and appears to be carrying a long object, possibly a weapon, over his far shoulder.

His mop of silver hair and the flesh tones of his face stand out strongly and the whole image has a very individual look. 

Framed by a roughly finished oxydised silver surround, the enamelled plaque is claw set into a silver wire mount to which the necklace chain is attached.

Counter enamelled but showing no marks and thought to date from the late 1800's.  Although we are unable to confirm the country of origin, we feel it's likely to be English.

The pendant is just a fraction below 4 cm in width and the silver necklace chain is 46 cm long.

Ref: 13665

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