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Arts & Crafts Enamelled Poppy Pendant*

Item Description

English Arts & Crafts pendant featuring an enamelled poppy flower on a long stem, set inside a silver frame.

The petals, in a shade of orangey-brown with their outline accentuated in gold, stand out subtly against a deep brown background. 

At the top a pair of vivid green enamelled heart-shaped leaves, matching the colour of the poppy’s stem, wind their way over the corners.

Silver wirework is fashioned to form an outer edge to the pendant, entwining with the stems of the leaves and finally curling under the corners of the base.

Pure Arts & Crafts with even the bale hand crafted with twisted silver wire and a hand made toggle fastener to the chain. 

Approximately 7.5 cm in length, including the bale, with the necklace chain 44 cm.

Ref: 15387

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