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Art Nouveau Tray with Mystical Scene

Item Description

Rare and lovely silvered Art Nouveau tray, with its ceramic insert depicting a magical waterscape image of a young maiden seated in a shell-like boat on a lake under the moon and stars.

Wearing a laurel wreath in her incredibly long hair – so long that it’s trailing in the water behind her –  she’s being pulled along by a large swan, holding the towing rope in its beak.

With lily pads and blossoms in the foreground, tall trees on the islands behind and the moonlight reflected in the water, it’s an idyllic scene made all the more striking by being viewed through an archway of stylised plants, grasses and flowers.

The dragonfly hovering at the top of the arch completes the strong Art Nouveau look.

We’ve never seen one of these before and when we came across this one were surprised to find the WMF maker’s mark on the back of the metal frame.  The fixed ceramic insert, which is original, only shows the number 2024 so it is not known who made it.

The one condition issue is a hairline crack across the top right corner of the insert which can be clearly seen in our photos.

Circa 1900, measuring 57 by 35 cm overall with the insert just under 50  by 32 cm.

Ref: 14112

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