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Art Nouveau Gold, Enamel and Turquoise Pendant

Item Description

Stylish openwork Art Nouveau 9 ct. gold pendant necklace with an ovoid outline enclosing a smaller inner ring, suspended on a single link and enamelled in white accented with tiny gold dots.

Set in the centre is a turquoise cabochon and the top features a flowing ribbon-like bow set with a seed pearl in its centre which connects to the necklace chain.

From behind the inner section of the pendant, three short lengths of chain are suspended, each with a baroque pearl caged in gold wire at its extremity.

An elegant look with movement and very typical of the Liberty style of the early 1900’s from which era it dates.

Marked 9 ct. and measuring 6 cm from the top of the bow to the bottom of the central drop. The remainder of the necklace chain is approximately 45 cm long. 

Ref: 15424

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