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Art Deco Framed Cleopatra Plaque*

Item Description

Wonderful French pewter plaque showing a stylised naked Cleopatra standing proudly in front of an imposing monument while seven mostly naked men adoringly worship at her feet.

A tongue-in-cheek Art Deco Egyptian Revival piece showing this famously beautiful femme fatale holding a mask above her head and wearing just a serpent headdress. The men meanwhile, smaller and less significant, are depicted posturing and contorting themselves in adoration.

Still in the original hardwood frame with its green harewood, tulipwood and boxwood inlay detail and mounted inside a gold coloured velvet border.

There is a label attached to the back in the shape of a painter’s pallette, presumably relating to the French gallery from which this item was originally sold.

Showing a couple of high points, as can be seen from our photos, that have been slightly rubbed over the years and the velvet is somewhat worn but overall the condition is excellent considering its age.

Signed with a name we can’t quite decipher and dating from the mid 1920’s. The frame measures 34.5 X 26 cm and the plaque is just over 26 X 18 cm. 

Ref: 13356

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