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Archibald Knox Enamelled Gold Pendant Necklace*

Item Description

Pendant in 15 ct gold with enamelled highlights designed by Archibald Knox for Liberty & Co.

Of an openwork, almost circular design detailed with entrelac motifs at top and bottom and an upright wide central panel enamelled in a shade of blue-green.

Further enamelling inside the borders of the outline graduate in colour from green to golden yellow.

The gold necklace chain is attached to a fixed pair of rings at the top of the pendant and is divided a short distance above by a baroque pearl.

A fraction below 3.5 cm long with the length from the pearl to the base being just under 6 cm.  Above the pearl, the chain measures 38 cm.

Model no. 8061 (circa 1900-1904).

Lit:  Archibald Knox by Stephen A Martin, p. 259

N.B.  At some stage in the past this pendant has been repaired, the evidence of which is only visible on the back – see last photo.

Ref: 14968

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