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French 18 ct. Gold Necklace*

Item Description

French Art Nouveau era necklace crafted in 18 ct. gold with a floral and foliate design featuring roses and other flowers together with their leaves.

These are spaced in little clusters and singly at intervals along the necklace chain which is further decorated with seed peals.

The central posy consists of three different flowers with a pearl drop below.

Little diamonds are set in the centres of three of the flowers which show carefully applied dark shading that cleverly enhances their three dimensional look.

Very early 1900’s and with impressed French marks which can be seen on one of the attachment rings.

Beautifully made and a good weight at 23.9 gms. or 0.845 ozs.

This necklace has options as to the length that can be chosen for wearing as there are a couple of extra rings which facilitate this, giving lengths of 47 and 50 cm.

Ref: 15721

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