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WMF Spirit Kettle

Item Description

Jugendstil copper and brass spirit kettle and stand made by the German metalwork company WMF in the late 1800’s.

The brass stand is all sinuous curves, sweeping upwards from a heart-shaped base before the three uprights come together and drop forwards forming the hooks which receive the handle of the kettle.

Positioned in the centre of the base is the brass cup for the burner.

The handle of the copper kettle is fashioned from black laquered wood, as is the knob on the kettle’s lid.

An abstract, somewhat secessionist style repoussé motif decorates the top half of the kettle all round and is repeated in smaller scale around the belly of the burner.

Marked beneath the kettle and the burner with the earliest WMF ostrich mark and showing the letter M on the kettle and the number 130 on the burner.

The overall height is just a touch below 39 cm and the condition is good, commensurate with age with just a few minor ‘dinks’ as to be expected.

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