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Velvet Photograph Album

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Very unusual photograph album that’s probably a one-off.  Somewhat Rococo in style and we’ve certainly never seen another like it.

Covered in a colourfully patterned velvet that’s faded and worn a little over the years, it stands upright and has a small drawer beneath.  The album itself is clipped into its closed position and , when unclipped, folds down ready to be opened.  It has fifteen stout double sided pages, each side holding two photographs.  The total capacity is therefore sixty photos. The size of the photo apertures is approximately 10 cm wide and 13 cm high, although the top edge is very slightly arched, bringing the maximun height up to around 13.5 cm.

When we first found this wonderful old album, it had a rather tatty folded scrap of newspaper inside the drawer showing the year 1897.

In good but obviously aged condition – we thought about replacing the mirror but decided it would be better to leave the decision to the next owner.

Ref: 12020

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