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‘Un Coquelicot’ by Godet

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Gold medal winning small bronze bust by Henri Godet from around 1890.   A really lovely sculpture of a curly-haired young lady emerging from a flower and smiling a little shyly.

Signed in the bronze which is also inscribed ‘med. d’or’.  Mounted on a circular marble base with attached title plaque and with an overall height of just over 21 cm..

This piece is listed in volume three of the Berman set ‘Bronzes, Sculptors & Founders’ on page 609 where it is given the title of ‘Blossoming’.

In fine condition with good all over yellowy bronze patination.  The marble has at some stage been further attached to a thin circular base plate, presumably to protect a polished wood surface.  We have not attempted to remove this.

Ref: 12354

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