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Susanna and the Elders by Bétourné*

Item Description

Framed Limoges enamel by the Maitre Emailleur Michel Bétourné depicting the Biblical story of Susanna being surprised by the two Elders as she is about to enter her bath. 

This is a subject that has been painted by many renowned artists over the years, most famously perhaps by Rembrandt.  This enamel is an homage to an original painting by the celebrated French artist Pierre Dupuis (1833-1915).

A striking image with superb enamelling showing the modest Susanna attempting to hold on to her towel as one of the Elders is pulling it away from her.

Her rich red and gold gown hangs from the edge of the open window behind her as the two lecherous men try to blackmail her into granting them her favours. 

The technique of grisaille enamelling Bétourné has used for the figures accentuates the sculptural effect perfectly. 

Dating from around the mid 20th century, the enamelled convex copper plaque was unframed when we acquired it and we have had it sympathetically and deeply framed in order to best protect the surface.  

30 cm high by 21.5 cm wide overall with the visible image measuring approximately 26 X 17.5 cm.

Ref: 14907

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