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Suffragette Brooch Pendant*

Item Description

English Arts & Crafts silver pendant and/or brooch in suffragette colours dating from circa 1910, a time when the suffragette movement was in full swing.

Openwork in style with an almost heart-shaped outline, the pendant hangs from a dedicated bale and is finished with a teardrop shaped drop, both set with stones and seed pearls.

The faceted reddish purple and green stones are all paste, while little seed pearls are used for the shade of white.  These are the chosen colours of the suffragettes signifying purple for loyalty, freedom and dignity, white for purity and green for hope. They have also been said to stand for Give Women Votes (green, white, violet).

The bale can be unhooked from the back to enable the main component and its drop to be worn as a brooch if desired.

Very well made and somewhat ‘Gaskinesque’ in appearance although we are not attributing it directly to the Gaskins.

Genuine suffragette jewellery of quality is now becoming difficult to find and we’ve discovered that a piece similar to this sold at auction fairly recently for over £1000.

The pendant measures 6 cm in length including the bale and drop and the silver necklace chain is 50 cm long.

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