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Street Scene by Theodoros Rallis-Scaramanga

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Oil on canvas depicting a French street scene, painted by the Greek born artist Theodoros Rallis-Scaramanga, also known as Théodore Ralli (1852-1909).

Most of his career was spent moving between France and Egypt, the latter being where he painted his well-known Orientalist paintings.

This is an example of his genre work, showing as it does a moment captured in a quiet rural village somewhere in France, with a woman standing by a doorway holding a small child in her arms and another two young children close by.

Behind the girl sitting on the edge of the pavement can be seen the window of a shoe shop that presumably is owned by the patriarch of the family.

Somewhat looser in style than many of his paintings, this is a delightful image executed on a late summer’s day with the leaves on the roadside tree just beginning to colour.

Signed bottom left and dated 1904, the visible canvas area measures approximately 45 X 37 cm and the overall framed size is around 52.5 X 44.5 cm. 

Ref: 15071

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