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Silver Box by Sydney & Co.*

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Small solid silver casket by the Birmingham firm of Sydney & Co. hallmarked for 1904.

Measuring just 13  X 7 X 5.5 cm high this is a delightful piece of Arts & Crafts silverware that is beautifully made.

A Fleur-de-lys design decorates the front, both sides and the back, and the top has a central ornate cartouche which has not thus far been engraved.

The hinged lid is fastened in the closed position with a bayonet which is attached to the front by a small chain.  The interior and the underside of the lid are both gilded.

Condition is excellent and the lid still fits snugly without any looseness to the hinges.

The main body of the casket, together with the lid, the fastener and even the bayonet are all hallmarked.

Ref: 12570

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