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Silver and Amberoid Pendant Necklace

Item Description

Arts & Crafts pendant necklace fashioned from silver into an openwork double-sided design of heart-shaped leaves, tendrils and berries affixed to the top part of a randomly shaped and faceted piece of cherry red amberoid.

This is an unusual and charal piece which hangs from a little suspender in the form of three silver balls. This is attached via a pair of fixed rings to the necklace chain. 

By an unknown maker but well made and with a length of 7.5 cm from the top of the suspender.

The chain is 50 cm long.

N.B.  Amberoid, which we’ve not come across before, is evidently a synthetic product somewhat similar to Bakelite which imitates the look of amber, and is made by compressing various resins at high temperature.  It was first produced between 1895 and 1900.

Ref: 13457

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