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‘Seduction’ by Fayral*

Item Description

Art Deco patinated spelter sculpture by Pierre Le Faguays, signed Fayral.

Edited by the Max Le Verrier foundry in Paris, circa 1925, using their superior grade of art metal, this quite stunning piece is titled ‘Seduction’.

The nearly nude and very Deco looking woman, with her head slightly inclined to one side, is reclining on the stepped black marble base and reaching out her hand to gently stroke the nose of the recumbant gazelle that’s facing her.

A classic and extremely elegant study by a master sculptor, signed in one of the two pseudonyms that Le Faguays used.

Approximately 65 cm wide, 14 cm deep and 22 high. 

Lit:   Alastair Duncan, Art Deco Complete p 99.

Ref: 14004

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