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Punch Bowl from WMF*

Item Description

Copper and brass punch bowl with original glass insert from WMF.

The large copper bowl is a receptacle for ice or iced water and is tin-lined. Inside this stands an etched glass container for the punch, topped off by a matching copper lid.

Both copper elements have a hammered finish showing a small floral design, and are finished with brass handles that have a somewhat Secessionist flavour to their design, as does the etching on the glass.

There is also a copper ladle which fits well but is probably not original. We feel that a glass one might well have been supplied at the time, but in view of the age it’s hardly surprising if this has been replaced.

The width from the tip of each handle is around 41.5 cm and the diameter of the copper bowl is approximately 33 cm overall.  Height with the lid in place is 30 cm. The glass bowl has in internal diameter of 21.5 cm and is 20 cm tall. It comfortably holds in excess of four litres.

Circa 1905 and marked with the WMF striding ostrich inside a diamond together with what looks to be a padlock mark. 

Ref: 13419

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