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Pewter Platter

Item Description

Large pewter platter which was originally intended as a serving dish for sliced meats – game in particular.

Designed by Franz Dautenberg and made by the German company Imperial Zinn in the very early 1900’s.  This company was also known by the name Bitter & Gobbers, after the two founders.

Showing a very nicely detailed grouse (or is it perhaps a  capercaillie ?) in flight, together with branches, needles and cones of forest pine trees.  There is a blank cartouche at the top – so much better than those that display previously engraved initials.

In good clean condition, these days it would also be used for sandwiches or any other small hand-held food offerings.  Marked and numbered beneath. The length is 52 cm and the width 28.5 cm.

Ref: 12455

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