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Peacock Fire Screen

Item Description

Early Art Deco wooden framed circular fire screen supported on two upright legs, with a metal – possibly pewter – centre panel featuring a splendid peacock, the eyes of his tail feathers enamelled in blue and green.

Beautifully engraved with superb detail to the body of the bird as well as its wide spread tail.

The panel, which has a hand beaten leather backing, is laced to the frame with a plaited cord arranged in groups of four with a gap between each.

Further decoration in the form of applied pewter detail showing a geometric design embellishes both the frame and the feet. 

We have no idea who the designer or maker was but strongly believe it to be French in origin, with a nod towards Carlo Bugatti.

Dating from circa 1920, this is a very eye-catching piece with a little wear to the topmost section of cord and to part of the pewter detail on the rear of one foot.

Just under 82 cm high with a diameter of 57 cm.  Front to back, the feet measure 29 cm.

Ref: 14359

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