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Paul Bonnaud Gold & Enamel Pendant

Item Description

French Art Nouveau high carat gold pendant set with the enamelled portrait of a lady by the master enameller Paul Bonnaud (1876-1953).

Dating from the early 1900's, the enamel plaque with its unusually shaped and tapered outline is enclosed within an openwork gold frame, its twin sections connected by little spacers.

Signed verso P. Bonnaud, Limoges and measuring 3.75cm in length. 

The pendant is attached to a 9 ct. gold necklace chain with a barrel type clasp which is approximately 43 cm long.

Interestingly, Paul Bonnaud was one of the youngest artists to exhibit at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1900 at the age of just 24 years. 

Ref: 15351

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