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Pair of French Enamels ‘Mousquetaires et Chiens’

Item Description

Very fine pair of framed French polychrome enamels on copper depicting two musketeers seen in a rural setting with their hounds, executed by Paul Soyer (1832-1903).

Strong, vivid colours accented with gold and silver paillons, the splendidly dressed protectors of the French king are seen one facing right and the other to the left, each with a keen and alert looking hound at their feet.

Soyer worked in Paris and these date from circa 1880, both being monogrammed by the artist in the lower left corner.

The overall measurements are approximately 25 X 20 cm. with the visible enamel plaques 14.5 X 9 cm. 

Condition is good, with the enamel in good order but the red velvet surround is showing signs of age and wear.

N.B.  These enamels tend to show a disproportionate amount of reflection when photographed, as can be seen from our own best efforts. 

Ref: 15458

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