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Ormolu Candleholder by Barbedienne

Item Description

Unusual and distinctive candleholder made in the last quarter of the 19th Century by the Paris founders F. Barbedienne.

Gilt bronze with additional silver plated details, it is in the form of a Roman style oil lamp.  The curved handle culminates in an eagle's head with open beak, looking down at a grotesque-mask, poking out its tongue towards the bird.  This forms the removable lid which covers a small round container.  The front of the candle holder itself bears the face of a long-haired bearded man.

A rare, humorous and rather unique object in very good condition, still with excellent definition to the detail.

Engraved to the base, below the handle, F. Barbedienne.  The length is around 13 cm and the height 6.5 cm.

Ref: 12626

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