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‘One Hour of the Night’

Item Description

Mid-sized version of the much admired sculpture ‘Une Heure de la Nuit’ by Joseph Pollet (1814-1870).  Also known by the title ‘L’√©veil’ (The Awakening) it is sometimes said to represent the goddess Aurora.

She is seen gracefully floating in the night sky, hands clasped behind her head with both feet independent of the ground.

Originally exhibited in plaster at the Paris Salon in 1848, it created such an impression that it was subsequently produced in various sizes in both bronze and marble.

This is a gorgeously elegant bronze with a rich patination and still looks as impressive today as when it was first unveiled.

Signed Pollet on the base and around 46 cm in height.  With just a small mark to the patina at the back of her right forearm.

Lit:   Berman Vol. 3 – p. 544 where it is incorrectly attributed to Edouard-Louis Collet.  However, this error is corrected in the master index.

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