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Oak Framed Copper Firescreen

Item Description

An Arts & Crafts oak framed firescreen with a fabulous copper panel depicting a galleon at sea under sail.

And what a galleon!  With billowing sails decorated with assorted motifs, long pennants flying from the tops of the masts and three large shields to protect against possible attack – not to mention a wonderful little aftercastle perching precariously high up at the stern.

Good strong repoussé work ensures this wonderful image really stands out strongly.

The solid oak frame is shaped at the top and houses three coloured glass cabochons which display somewhat more colour than our photographs suggest, and between these are a pair of spade shaped fretwork cut-outs.

There is part of an old retailer’s label still affixed to the rear but the only word remaining appears to read Newport. 

A little over 78 cm high by around 72 cm wide overall with the copper panel measuring 45 cm high by 60 cm wide.

Ref: 14109

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