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“Night Owls” from Argilor*

Item Description

Rare and very 1920’s porcelain ‘brûle parfum’ from Argilor of Paris with a wonderfully stylised design, depicting a young couple who appear to be secretly eloping.

They are both sumptuously dressed, the gentleman wearing a long cape together with a tall hat and a silver mask over his eyes.  He has one arm protectively around the lady’s shoulders as they stride forward, looking carefully around to make sure they’re not being followed.   

The young lady is wearing an extravagant long coat styled in scalloped layers and her outfit is completed with a very fetching bonnet and silver shoes. 

Rather intriguingly, the man is holding a cage containing two birds while also carrying what looks to be a circular hat box.

This is a lamp with a very small bulb inside which acts as a gentle night light. The pocket on the lady’s coat is a receptacle for a few drops of chosen perfume which will be warmed by the heat from the bulb, and this will permeate the room with a pleasing aroma if desired.

Mounted on a stepped oval wooden base of solid Thuya burr.  Height is approximately 21 cm and the base measures 20 X 12.5 cm.  Signed verso at the foot of the dress.

(The blue colour that appears on the lady’s pocket and hat rim in the two photos of the lamp when lit is not apparent in reality.  This was just a trick of the camera that we were unable to rectify.) 

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