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Newlyn Copper Rose Bowl*

Item Description

Good sized hand hammered copper rose bowl from Newlyn with a strong repoussé design of three stylised seafish amongst seaweed, following each other around the body.

The removeable top has a large central aperture and no lesss than forty-eight further small holes allowing for an impressive floral display.

Standing on a flared foot and in lovely, fairly recently polished condition.

Dating from circa 1900-1910, with a clear Newlyn mark on the underside and measuring around 16 cm high to the centre of the slightly domed top. The diameter is 24.5 cm. 

N.B.  A photograph of a similar rse bowl to this can be seen on p. 108 of the book ‘Newlyn Copper’ by Daryl Bennett & Colin Pill.

Ref: 14691

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