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Necklace attr. to Sibyl Dunlop*

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Large and impressive English Arts & Crafts silver pendant necklace set with an assortment of stones including amethysts, citrines, garnets and moonstones.

Approximately circular in outline, the pendant comprises seven matching ornate openwork silver components evenly spaced between the rings of stones and binding them together.

Set in the centre is an irregular shaped garnet cabochon and five little teardrop shaped garnet drops are suspended below.

The moonstone set bale connects to an ornate necklace chain which links alternate boat-shaped openwork silver plates with garnet beads along the entire length.

Typical Arts & Crafts work, especially in the use of mixed stones of assorted shapes and sizes. We did think at first that it was possibly by Amy Sandheim but detailed research by a trusted contact convinces us that in fact it was almost certainly made by Sibyl Dunlop to whom it is attributed.

Interestingly, the central stone looks as though it was probably re-purposed from having been used previously as a bead – a careful inspection reveals that it has been drilled, with three little holes right at the lower edge and a single hole at the top edge, all adjacent to the silver setting. It was not at all uncommon for these Arts & Crafts makers to find new uses for previously used stones, often using whatever they could lay their hands on at the time.

Circa 1930-35 and with a length of 10 cm including the moonstone bale and the central garnet drop. The necklace chain measures approximately 52 cm.

Ref: 15477

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