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‘Midnight Mass’ by R. Sarlandie

Item Description

Framed Limoges enamel picture of a moonlit Christmas Eve scene by Robert Sarlandie (1901-1986).

A quite stunning image with people gathering at a church on the edge of their village to celebrate Midnight Mass.

The full moon has found a gap in the clouds and is illuminating the snow covered surroundings and candlelight from inside the church is shining through the colourful stained glass windows.

The churchgoers can be seen making their way towards the entrance while a lone woman has paused to pray in front of a shrine in the grounds of the church.

Beautiful attention to detail – the old snow covered tree in the churchyard which looks so realistic, the corner of the ice covered pond, the wooden chalets with light coming from their windows and even the texture of the snow which blankets the ground.

The picture is mounted in a very fine frame which suits it perfectly.

Overall size, including the frame, is 46 cm high by 55.5 wide and the enamel plaque measures approximately 25.5 X 35 cm.

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