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‘L’Esprit de Marrons’ by Cherc

Item Description

Art Nouveau terracotta bust of a smiling young maiden titled ‘L’Esprit de Marrons’ by the artist Cherc for Goldscheider.

Dating from 1901 this delightful study shows her adorned with chestnuts and leaves, celebrating in the early autumn a bountiful crop of ‘marrons’.

In earthy and golden colours, this is a quality bust and in excellent condition. Many of these old terracottas are now covered in years of dirt and other assorted pollutants, often including a degree of nicotine staining.  This one has almost certainly received a careful clean in recent times and looks all the better for it.

Signed Cherc on one shoulder and with the usual Goldscheider markings verso.  Numbered 2410/138/67 and 54 cm in height.

Ref: 12649

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