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Légras MontJoye Acid-Etched Vase with Violets*

Item Description

Square columnar glass vase from Legras MontJoye made at their Pantin glassworks around 1910.

Primarily of clear glass, smooth on the inside and acid etched on the outer, giving a dappled and frosted appearance. 

Decorated with enamelled flowers, stems and leaves of violets, the flowers in natural colours and the leaves and stems with gilded detail.

Further gilded in a random fashion around the base and the outer edges of the rather amazing quatrefoil rim, the front part of which curls downwards to complete an unusual design feature. 

23.5 cm high and around 8 cm square.

Just the remnants of a mark on the underside which looks to be the number 8.

Ref: 14304

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