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‘L’Echo’ by De Roncourt*

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Very stylish Art Deco bronzed spelter figure of an atheletic young man, kneeling and leaning forward, with one hand supporting his weight and the other cupped to his ear. Titled ‘L’Echo’, the concentration on his face is clear to see as he strains to listen to the sound in the distance.

As with many of these classic old Deco figures, this one is unsigned but it is definitely by Jean de Roncourt (1897-1960).

Beautifully modelled and cast, this is a male figural study with great impact and is so typical of de Roncourt’s best work.

Dating from around the early to mid 1930’s and set on a dark variegated marble base measuring 64 by 19.5 cm.  The height is approximately 33 cm.  

Ref: 12634

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