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‘L’Aurore’ by Auguste Moreau

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Acknowledged as one of the finest examples of Moreau’s work, ‘L’Aurore’ (translating to ‘The Dawn’) depicts an Art Nouveau maiden standing and clutching a crescent moon.

The long-haired beauty is wearing a typically diaphanous dress and has that far away look on her face that was so beloved by the Nouveau artists.  This bronze shows wonderful detail – the way Moreau has sculpted the folds of the dress, its clinginess and the movement of the hem as the wind swirls around her feet clearly  illustrates his artistic genius.

Originally appearing around 1897, this particular piece displays a plaque on the base denoting its winning of a gold medal at the Nice Exposition of 1910.

Signed Auguste Moreau, who lived between 1834 and 1917, and with an overall height of 64.5 cm.

There is a little loss of patina here and there but nothing to persuade us of the necessity to have it repatinated.

This sculpture is sometimes seen mounted on to a marble base in order to extend the height.  It was also cast in a smaller size of around 48 cm high.

Lit:  Berman, Vol. 3, p. 621 (showing the version with her holding a scarf instead of a crescent moon).

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