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‘La Bonté’ by Gaudez*

Item Description

Dating from circa 1890, this is an old original all bronze casting of Gaudez’ “La Bonté” which was also produced in a smaller size in bronze and ivory.

The title roughly translates to “Goodness” and the lady is seen distributing alms to the poor from a purse full of coins she’s holding in her left hand.  She is very elegantly dressed in a long gown, richly patterned with a floral design and a deep ornate hem.  The front is slightly raised, revealing an underskirt just covering the tops of her shoes. A wide, buttoned collar sits around her shoulders and her outfit is completed with a finely detailed cap.  

This is a beautifully cast, intricate sculpture and the quality can clearly be seen in every aspect of the detail – the flowing folds of her clothing, her plaited hair, the tasselled braid she wears around her waist and even the coin she is offering.

With an age-worn gold-doré patination which we would not wish to clean, although we acknowledge there are sometimes two schools of thought on this subject.

Signed in the bronze A. Gaudez (Adrien-Etienne Gaudez 1845-1902) and with a title plaque to the front of the base which also states “Hors-concours”.  The height is approximately 34 cm and the diameter of the base around 10cm.

Lit:  Berman – vol. 2, p. 338 (shown in bronze and ivory).

Ref: 12474

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