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Jugendstil Hammered Silver and Amethyst Pendant*

Item Description

Jugendstil pendant made in Pforzheim in the early 1900’s with a distinctly Fahrner look about it.

The finely beaten rectangular silver plaque protudes forward in the centre where it is set with a light coloured amethyst. The plaque is further decorated with long cut-outs above and below the stone and little circular openings just inside each corner.  Finally, forward and backward facing ‘C’s are etched close to each upright edge.   

A series of chains is suspended below, forming three long drops ending in silver balls, the central one with a small pearl attached towards its top. 

Marked ‘sterling silber’ on the back and measuring very nearly 6.5 cm long from the top edge of the plaque to the bottom of the central drop. The necklace chain measures 43 cm.

Ref: 14818

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