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Art Nouveau Gold Pendant*

Item Description

Stylish pendant in 15 ct. gold dating from the late 1800’s.

With a complex design, the pendant hangs on two short lengths of chain from a decorative central suspender, its rounded top set with little rubies and seed pearls. This frames a fine, almost heart-shaped peridot in the centre.

The design then extends downwards with the two uprights being overlaid with a spray of green and gold enamelled leaves set with a pearl above and a ruby below and finally flares out at the base before narrowing to enclose another little pearl and ending with a teardrop shaped peridot drop.

Length, including the suspender and the drop, is 7.5 cm and the necklace chain, which is marked 10K on the bolt ring, is 37 cm long.

Ref: 15970

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