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‘Judith’ by Goldscheider

Item Description

Impressive and rare Orientalist terracotta bust from Goldscheider titled ‘Judith’.  More usually seen as a statue showing her semi-naked, holding a sword behind her back (model nos. 734a and 1012a).  Here however, she is fully robed but still wearing the same headband and ornate belt.

Dating from 1897-98, this serious looking, biblical young lady warrior is in excellent condition and stands around 42 cm high.

Interestingly (for those who worry about these things) it is listed in the reference book by Dechant and Goldscheider as being numbered 1042b but this piece is numbered 1142.

Impressed letter ‘P’ to one side of the base and the first Fr. Goldscheider terracotta applied plaque verso.

Ref: 12277

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