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Jessie Matthews*

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Very elegant Goldscheider lady, striding forward while holding up the hem of her rich blue and very full, lace covered skirt.  This figure, dating from circa 1935, is known as “Gavotte” and is purportedly of the English singer and actress Jessie Matthews.  Beautifully painted and glazed, she stands on a black oval base.

Numbered 7257/148/6 on the underside, together with the usual Goldscheider markings and the artist’s signature, Dakon.  Strangely however this figure has also been attributed to Lorenzl.

In good condition with a height of just under 33 cm.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 453  –  also Pinhas p. 160

Ref: 11835

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