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‘Jericho’ by Guerbe*

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Iconic Art Deco figure ‘Jericho’ of a nude maiden standing elegantly on tip-toe on one leg, her head thrown back as she holds to her lips a long horn, raising it high above her.

In her other hand she is holding a circular decorative shield whilst joyously blowing a fanfare.

A visually exciting sculpture with flowing lines and so very Art Deco in every way.

Designed by Pierre Le Faguays in the late 1920’s and signed on the socle Guerbe, which was the maiden name of his wife and one of his occasionally used pseudonyms.  It was cast at the Le Verrier foundry in Paris, using their high quality art metal.

Set on a stepped Belgian black marble base and with a a total height of 35 cm.

Ref: 15326

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