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This is a delightful print taken from an original French magazine published in 1945.  We have acquired several of these old magazine prints, varying in age, which are so evocative of the times.

These weekly or monthly publications were never intended to be retained for long and, as to be expected, the vast majority were disposed of usually within a week or two, as they became superseded by the following issue.  Thankfully some still exist and a few of those are occasionally found in good clean condition.  It is from these that we 'cherry pick' individual images.

This one is by Marie Laurencin, signed and dated 1945.  The title is simply "Italienne" and is of a fair skinned young lady, dressed in her ornate Neapolitan costume, playing the mandolin.

Simply mounted in a Deco style black plastic frame and ready to hang.  The overall size is a tad under 40 cm high and 30 wide.

Ref: 11901

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