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Hayle Copper Cigarette Box

Item Description

Stylish patinated copper and wood cigarette casket from the Cornish Hand Wrought Metal Company of Hayle, Cornwall.

Before this company was taken over by the more progressive J & F Pool Ltd in 1908, every item made was guaranteed to have been hand hammered. Thus no two pieces are exactly alike.

Designed to hold up to 100 cigarettes and with a cedarwood lining, similar to the best cigar humidors.

The outside of the box, including the hinged lid, is covered on all faces with sheet copper, decorated with an Art Nouveau influenced design. Only the underside is undecorated.

Measuring a touch over 23 X 13 cm and approximately 10.5 cm high.  Made c. 1903 and originally selling for thirteen shillings and sixpence.

Lit:  Cornish Art Metalwork, Colin Pill, p. 29

Ref: 12480

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