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Goldscheider Wall Plaque

Item Description

Art Nouveau terracotta wall plaque, undoubtedly from Goldscheider, depicting in strong relief a young maiden spinning yarn.

Wearing a long, off-the-shoulder gown she is seated, with one foot slightly raised on a stool, alongside a small table decorated with a vase of flowers.

Somewhat similar in style to the potter figure designed by Maurice Buval that was used for some years as the Goldscheider mark.

Finished in subtle muted shades, this is a finely detailed little sculpture that has been quite beautifully cast.

The condition is excellent and, although not showing the Goldscheider name, all the other marks are typical of this maker.

Circa 1890’s, approximately 34.5 cm high and 29 wide.

Ref: 14341

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