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Goldscheider Terracotta Maiden Card Tray*

Item Description

Extremely rare Art Nouveau terracotta figural card tray or vide poche originally sculpted for Goldscheider by the artist Louger.

Titled “Stolz” (Proud), it’s a full length study of a graceful semi-nude maiden wearing a long gown which barely covers her top half and swirls forward at her feet to form the card tray.

She’s depicted in typical Art Nouveau fashion, being slender and elegant and is holding a rose in her left hand, whilst at the same time loosely holding the top of her dress over one breast.

Dating from circa 1902 and in good overall condition with an aged patination commensurate with its age.

little over 64 cm tall and 33 cm wide.  Signed by the artist and showing the usual Goldscheider markings together with the model number 2353/3/21.

Ref: 13074

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