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Goldscheider Bust by Cherc

Item Description

Quite delightful Art Nouveau bust sculpted by Cherc for Goldscheider.

Polychrome painted in subtle shades, the young maiden is wearing flowers highlighted in gold in her hair and on the front of her clothing, as she looks to her right and smiles happily.

With lovely flowing lines, just the right amount of shading to the folds of her off-the-shouder dress and excellent detail to the leaves and flowers, this is a very striking piece and the condition is excellent. 

In the Dechant/Goldscheider book she is given the name ‘Ranke’ and is credited to both the artists Thiele and Cherc. This bust is clearly signed Cherc on one side of the base. 

Dating from circa 1899/1900 and just a fraction under 49 cm high. Numbered 2195/21/321 and with the Goldscheider applied plaque.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 349 – also Pinhas p. 53 

Ref: 13306

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