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‘Golden Veil’ by Louis Icart*

Item Description

Art Deco drypoint and aquatint etching by Louis Icart titled ‘Golden Veil’ which must surely rank as one of his most erotic images.

The sensual young lady – said to be his wife Fanny – is reclining in her opulent boudoir on a bed of large cushions, ostrich feathers and furs, staring directly and provocatively at the viewer whilst nonchalently holding a cigarette in her outstretched left hand.  

She’s wearing just a pale gold sheer chiffon dress that clings to her body leaving nothing to the imagination, and her dreamily relaxed, slinky pose is perfectly captured by the artist.  The transparent gold fabric covering her body matches the blonde colour of her hair, and a red silk lined feather stole is loosely draped over her shoulders.

Smoke from her cigarette drifts away at the top of the picture and the image is one of pure 1930’s decadence.

Signed in pencil, numbered and dated 1930.  Showing the embossed ‘windmill’ stamp in the bottom left corner.

The overall size, including the frame, is 57 cm high by 67.5 cm wide, with the image measuring 38 X 48 cm. 

Ref: 13129

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