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Gold and Enamel Pendant by James Cromar Watt*

Item Description

High carat gold pendant in a stylised offset heart shape, decorated with foiled enamels by the Scottish Arts & Crafts jewellery designer James Cromar (Cromer) Watt.

Hanging from an enamelled boat-shaped suspender on two short chains decorated with seed pearls, the main pendant is set with a blister pearl above a green enamelled stem and leaves, forming a dandelion like seed head with little seeds on either side being blown away by the wind.

Three little pearl drops are suspended beneath.

Unmarked but undeniably by Watt and dating from the early 1900’s.

A little bit of its history is showing on the back in the form of an engraving denoting it was given as a 21st. birthday present to a young lady in 1955.

Measuring 6 cm long from the suspender to the bottom of the central drop and on a good 9 ct gold necklace chain with a length of 51 cm.

Ref: 14969

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